Sparkling from the Bottom

Identity is where delusion rules.
Nobody knows, just who or what we are.
Most settle for a carrot meant for mules,
and self de-hitch their wagon from its star.

The universe around goes on forever.
The sub-atomic divides beyond measure.
The conscious mind is infinitely clever
once it's stooge is taught what's truely treasure,

and what impedes its pure celestial flow.
People think they really are that name
appearing on their driver's card, although
a little digging shows this claim is lame,

and wrong as it can be. The apex fact
that men evolve externally, should quell
all notions of a stayed and static shell.
Internally, with tools, men can impact

that mind whose only move is 'clash and bash'
and elevate their Indiana Jones,
who lives beneath Persona's trash.
This eternal trekker rocks your bones,

and animates those energies that seem
to us, to be that self whom that we take
ourselves to be. Our own constraints pre-deem
that any questing forward strain to wake

will be an ugly slog. New tools, to change
those ways we take for granted, will make clear
which ends, we need to bring about. It's strange
to think old ways will ever disappear,

but self-rebirth is part of our design.
New strengths and skills do not come free,
but built through work. The soul is like a mine,
whose gems have value, Universally.