Somewhere on the Road

Its evident, our culture is remiss,
as Heaven's nowhere near the cloudy blue.
Select a dearest one, to hold and kiss,
and realize that, her souls the same as you.

Touch her face and hair and say, " God's in there".
Her sensuality is palpable,
and energy feels lightning-like laid bare.
Of no sex, and both sex, at Spirit's table,

are eyes enough to see the souls of most.
Minds slow to grow, lose track and never know
of strident, conscious aims. They're mostly toast.
Stalled and thoughtless makes great sweetbait for woe,

as those not serving Light, won't win their jet!
Far seeing eyes, peak pleasure's pang, and scent
of the miraculous, won't make them fret
or stress again. Minds quick to make repent,

and claim their own stupidity, are blest.
'Alive' can be a bitch! Most folks get fried
a bit, before they show a virile zest
to rectify the granny knots they've tied!