Sometimes We Need the Fire

So esteemed we hold ourselves. but pitch
a mindless fit, if someone dares to stand
and disagree. Besmirchment is a bitch,
when brittle brains have little self-command.

Believing much, knowing little, describes
way too many factions of Earth's tribes,
(including, suits and ties). This is bullshit!
God should have torched this place, before He split!

It's Soul's worst shame, that we're so un-evolved,
still sucking at the dumbbell pump. We goof
and guess our way through Life's labyrinth unsolved,
then spout out truths, without providing proof.

By recognizing we, without a doubt,
can make the effort to behold two sides
of Being, (above/below, within/without),
one can dethrone all myths, as holy guides.

There is a path that one may humbly tread
to anchor concepts of a working way
to mend ms-taken views. The mind was bred
to self complete, transcending Judgement Day.

There's more to lose than dogma can defray,
and more to gain than doctrine can reveal.
Each man should wake his Soul without delay
if he's to help his mind and spirit heal.

From flames of dung, the phoenix doesn't rise,
nor men on wings of wishes find their Soul.
True visctoy is never compromise
when liberation is one's only the only goal.