I am a soldier of the Soul. I rage against the battlements
of fear, sloth, and arrogance, which are all mine, of course.
Knowing that I can't fix you and yours, I hunt more conscious sense
to master reins that steer the ebb and flow of psychic force.

A sharper longer look, at Life's events in time, would be
quite seriously sought, by climbers of the Conscious Peak.
One's inner optics can be tweaked to greater apogee,
but only through commitment to visions of lifelong hide and seek.

The challenge is as thorny as a honeyed grape is sweet.
The things worth having on this Earth are stubbon by design.
The proving grounds themselves, keep the riff-raff stuck on Sleep Street.
The holy Grail is Conscious Light, whose nature is Divine.

Obtained through work on Self, a soul must seek to touch the Truth,
in increments it's able to digest. We must reflesh the bone,
that is, we must reorient ourselves, to jettison uncouth,
mis-wired and hostile mental entities, and then atone

through efforts made to hold to tenets which recreate the mind,
restoring psychic apparatus we were always meant to self-employ.
We prove our worth by turning from the treats that keep us blind,
and trade Persona's laurels for a crown of goodness and joy.