The slimey trail of rancid karmic yuck
that tails those ones who won't clean up their act,
indicates bedevilment. This guck
is false Persona's fracturing of fact.

"Its dark down there", some better sense takes note,
when looking at that tosspot called old brain.
The faith it takes, to never sugarcoat
the taste of truth, so few in life attain.

Its hard to see that there are better rules,
by which to elevate and wake. No tweak
of mind will bring about the Light we seek.
All must take time to learn and ply the tools

the ancients left, for men to resurrect,
correct, and charge the circuits of their dead
real self awareness. One must dissect
and snuff bad habits of an untaught head.

Stone by stone, we tear that temple down
where self-erected overlords held sway.
Te free oneself from Ego's crown and clown,
One's Soul holds joys that nothing can defray.