Sixty Seconds Worth

Changing the fixed way that we greet events,
brings richer nexus with those incidents
that bear ingredients we can employ
to generate new clarities and joy.

Long work to learn fresh focus to appraise
new worths, awaits that soul who would apply
full heart and mind to re-assess the ways
we contemplate and cope. 'Identify',

is what we do, when old ideas raise
their hackneyed heads. Our patent, old reactions
flood forth on cue, and blind us with distractions.
To liberate ones spirit from the maze,

through which we bump about in walking sleep,
is vital in the span of time we live.
No one inherits Heaven in a heap.
Much work with self until the end, will give

a frame of mind, where true free choice is real.
A Will, as is, is muscular as mud,
and doomed to stay that way. Inflamed with zeal
to have its way, it's not. Souls with red blood

can de-caccoon to stand, shining and bold,
but not until one learns, and earns, its wings.
The old proverbial onion, tells us things
of layers and levels. Wonders untold

at different densities and scales, await
conscious cosmic travelers. The chains
of mortal care, don't last ( thank God! ). The state
which follows this, may have joys and pains,

but I bet they will be comeasurate
with efforts made. or not, while yet alive.
To self-arouse is everybody's Fate,
though slackjaws are much slower to arrive!