Side Trip (Bring a Jacket)

I saw some beautiful things today,
The outworld roads with trees and city lights,
synched with my inner conscious swing and sway.
At once, a pristine taste of bliss excites

the one I call real Me. Stupid aquired
traits, that foul the flow of purer parts
of Essence, must be razed and then rewired,
to gain a strength of mind, that's off the charts!

When you can wangle up a sense of Now,
to many times a day, appreciate,
you'll see a change, that's slow but sure. Somehow,
our consciousness has means to calibrate

new frequencies. Now, like never before,
our clariity and reach, yields so much more.
The slackjaw daily pose with which we greet
all inbound events, sucks, and deserves no treat!

Here's how it is. Most people have been raised
with knowledge that lacks, 'we work to self-complete'.
We think that God exists above the beat
of life, but He's within. We are amazed

that once we start to listen, and to see
afresh, we learn the spirit that shares our soul
is also Gods. Those closed to this are free,
to think whatever, but might find a hole

when comfey myths they cling to bottom out.
God and his kingdom are in your true Being,
but you've evolved to be a stiff and stout
childhood wreck, incapable of seeing

there is structure to the way our Soul works.
So clean and clear your head! When you realize
you cause your grief, with whims, u-turns and quirks,
you'll see that only self control, wins the prize.

Once you apprehend your soul's a mess,
all tangled in the grand menagerie
of pictures from the past, you'll distress
to see that you've signed up to face the fury

of not, becoming lunch for some black hole.
The Atlas zone within you, awaits your hand
to spring the door. Your quest to clear your Soul,
badly needs accelerent and self command.

The good guys in your skull, are working hard.
Theough Hell's best, they encounter, sum, snd decide
just how you'll face your Ego's grand canard.
Without Knowledge, you'll take its crap broadside!

When pressed for precise descriptive fact
what most call God, elastically appears
confoundingly slippery and inexact.
as many are, full of bull and old fears.

All is Holy, yes. but some among us
skirt the brink where goodness has no name.
Robbery and murder are just small fuss
while rape and mutilation, are the same.

It takes a soldier, first class, to reckon with clues
and deicpher the wind. Equipped with old
arthritic mind stances, a soul must choose
to chuck it's crap and become Viking bold.

We'll learn to see, beyond hoop-la and spin,
that quietly, each one is God becoming real.
The one thing most profound, is we're all kin
to the Divine. Love insulates the deal!