Of Shoulders and Wheels

First of all we must remove the boulder in our head,
before we set to reading someone else the riot act.
Duped, in denial, and sore afraid, our hapless soul has fled
to where its warm and dark, but dank and small. When we're attacked

we duck our heads and cede whatever's wanted, just so long
as false Persona opiates and kisses us goodnight.
Whole lifetimes pass and many people die, living life wrong.
No deposit - no return - no recycle, just the dump site,

beer bottles share a fate with those who didn't care enough
to take a look around before they suckered for a wink.
A muscular mentality is what it takes to snuff
the lies, the rumors, and the bull that fucks with how we think.

Just like a body builder, that one who wants to build his brain,
has a ton of stuff to do, and not much time to do it.
It takes forever, plus much sacrifice, effort and pain,
so its no shock, though still its sad, that most just say,'screw it'.

They abdicate their only hope to have a solid say
in when and how, they move toward galactic Grace and Light.
As people walk about the planet, all untaught minds will stay
face down in false ideals that clusterfuck with Wrong and Right,

so that they spend their lives in endless strife without a clue.
Our vetting apparatus, that grim array of 'I wants' and attitudes,
is terrible. All it gathers only serves a skanky few
high biased tyrants that manipulate the soul through it's moods.

Pride derived from vanity and greed, must be cast out
but not before one's sloth and fears get bridled underthumb.
This is not an easy chore, you'll tear your hair and shout
a thousand times before you'll round-up all the scum.

If earnest tending to ol' Scatterbrain is exercised,
A day will come and you will know that changes have been made.
You'll sense that unknown inner engines are now energized
and understand the whole of life has been a damn charade.