Shake it Off

Shake it Off

The number Pi, is personal proof infinity is true.
3 point one four one five, procedes until you die, and keeps
unfolding numerals until the universe turns blue.
The cosmos holds an endless set of nouns and verbs, plus heaps

of adjectives, most of which, we don't know. How many times
returned to earth, or worse, can someone stand before they'll know,
that sacrificing Ego's cheap rewards and creepy crappy crimes,
defines the only way to elevate beyond this world of woe.

Existence on this rock called Earth, has a sure exact goal.
One can see it for oneself, once he wangles to divest
himself from addiction to Persona's behind the scenes control.
Consciousness alone has chops that will unmask this pest,

and break it's wooden nose. Acquired through work to toss the rot
Persona breeds, Consciousness expands when space is made.
A wider view includes terrains that spark new modes of thought,
to wander and extract new essences that clarify and aid

in metanoia's turning eyes. The future's dead in terms of change,
if mindless mechanical habits and dramas don't go away.
Awakening requires a self to wittingly arrange
how order and worth of events from Life's ocean, enter his bay.

Doomed to stay facedown in endless tedious discord,
a lazy shiftless brain is miles from a pathway which leads
away to touch the hems of higher realms bryond the Christian Lord.
Persona's bloody hands create Religion's violent deeds.

Thank God, we're not the ones we think we are. Behind the mask
we wear, Persona is ethicless and shame-free.
It wants and takes, with tactics crude and rude. It's takes its task
to be predaceous and consume one's purest Spirits' wee

reserves, of that Divinely fused psychical essence which
all men call Soul. It's clear, not all men use their minds to raise
their state of Being, beyond what it takes to live in a ditch,
and never learn distinguishing pure gratitude from praise.