Shake It Off

Get right with your Creation. Sperm and egg joined up as one,
and poof, you became a root. It doesn't matter if you are
a man of science or a man of faith, answers are NONE.
My chosen view is that our spirit came from some far star,

and married into our egg. All animals evolved over ages,
and when the time was right, it was decided that some use
might be made of the ape if willingly, he quelled his rages.
Not all were qualified, as most were arrogant, obtuse

and focused on their status in the herd. The few who saw
that they themselves, most often were the cause of pain and woe,
were fit to learn and grow. Their spirits then, could learn the laws
that govern their awakening. It's hoped all might come to know

the brighter states to which all can evolve. It's a sad waste
that countless Souls are numb, and don't elect to elevate,
beyond the fate of barnacles. 'The dead that bury dead' is based
on souls less dense and free of poo, can rise above the state

of sleep that renders Spirit comatose. To sucker for
a static myth, as well the gang that peddles it, blankets one's brain
so nothing real gets in or out. When this occurs, the door
to upper scales is closed, and options will not come again.