Screech and Spin

To sense the galaxy at work within one's own cerebral space,
eliminates beliefs of puerile, myth-based, or wishful thoughts.
Much like an iceberg's jutting tip, that hides its mountains trace,
we're not the ones who bear our name, bright stars of drama plots,

but are much more in realms below the surface Ego brain.
Persona is self-love, and cannot love a thing above
itself. A mental filter filled with false and wrong ideas contains
few, if any, portals through which the likes of Goodness and Love

can pass. This wall of lies keeps out the Truth from making gains
in waking Rip Van Comatose. Within, it keeps his quest
for Light, confused and dazed. Deeper than an Ego's eye
divines, a denser plane of Being co-exists. Count him as blest,
whose metanoia gave a glimpse of structures miles high.

This percept hot-brands the brain, to never doubt again
the rock floored rightness of striving to reach high hanging fruit.
Dogma beliefs are locked and frozen thoughts that don't contain
a shred of conscious Truth, and keep a mind asleep, to boot.

When one considers the work and sacrifice, one must decide
if change of Being toward true Light, is worth the bumpy ride.
Each one alone will face this red or blue pill choice.
Either slam dance with the hellbound horde, or rejoice

to hear that deepest, sweetest holy voice echoing through
the inmost sanctums of your glorious beautiful Being.
What's that, don't hear so well? Learn to listen. Foment a coup
and kill the man of many masks. It's not so easy freeing

that inner one you are, from the tar pits of the past.
You'll need a plan. You'll need a Will to be built that will hold
back an ocean. You'll need to sever ties with all the old cast,
and learn to think in mystic terms. The one way to behold

pure pantheistic Grace is through humility and awe.
These qualities stay mute beneath the 'sound and fury' brawl
that rages everlastingly wherever Egos work their jaws.
Ya gotta want it to the nth degree, or else ya'all

will break down on the road, and have to crawl the long way back.
To want to own fine store-bought things, itself is not that bad.
To slobber with desire, to spend the rent, or to hijack
every chance to dream and drool about your fantasy, is sad

because you are face down up to your ears in being identified.
Past rescue by reason, or even love, 'you want what you want
when you want it'. This is out of phase with what plays deep inside
where Mind and Soul are mated to an infinite Savant.