Someone's Got to Do It

Beyond our understanding lies a higher plane of Being.
Here timeless Wisdom partners up with Goodness, sweet and pure
embracing in a rush that must resemble orgasmic sking
they birth pure Venus on her shell. A gloriously clear,

ecstatic blast of perfect Beauty, is loosed everywhere.
This triad is fused in some distant mystic sphere,
where Beings with better energies, provide an inner stair
whereby devoted souls can taste of Heaven, now and here.

Worked with profound restructuring, a mind can touch infinite things.
Through this prism one beholds, a gateway to the spinal chord
of Creation. Unenlightened sleeping brains have leaden wings
which lug them to the joyless side of worshipping the Lord.

Reorient the angel freeze dried in your deepest core,
where only waters of, The Only Way, relushify
the garden of the holiness that made you for one chore:
Remember to reclaim and wake Yourself, before you die.

Beyond cognition's reach, lie energies untellibly complex,
most likely from the next rung up the Universal Scale.
No soul can gain an inch toward this, while suffering effects
connected with an untrained brain. Dogs are taught to fetch the mail,

does your God deserve as much fron you? A garbage cart, flies a-buzzin',
needs a bit of groomin', too! We train ourselves in arts
of shedding stupid habits and Persona's dozen cousins.
To be more pleasing to the touch of mystic hands and hearts,

humility and focus, slides like butter down a slope,
compared to arrogance and rancor out looking for a fight.
Unrepentent egos die alone and miles from any hope,
but those of Conscious Mind-ways celebrate, and pass in Light.