Save or Steal

A decent man who sees a lovely thing, hacked and destroyed
has anguish kin to sorrow. This pathos floods his blood,
then sparks his rage. Grief and anger also occupy the void
where men, not decent, end their violent lives face down in mud.

Something of a chasm separates these seemingly twin
modes of despair. Empathy for desecration's loss
is quite dissimiliar from Self-Pity's whimper when
one doesn't get their way. A conscious man knows Gold from dross,

and knows what's wholly real from what is not. Nobility
in Being is Destiny, for those with want and Will to make the quest.
If someone shirks this work to rise, claiming inability,
he'll climb the hills to Paradise, but never reach the crest.

Wake up your sleeping soul, or watch it grow weaker and fade.
Entropy does not delay decay for cell or stone.
I believe the task assigned for which our kind was made,
is to throw wide Mind's doors and locate Light. This Work alone,

resolves one's Karmic score. As Spirits occupy a different plane
from that of flesh and bone, our working mind is interfaced,
but most uf us are numbskull lazy blind. Surpassingly humane
remains, above all else, the only treasure worthy to be chased.

Consciousness Continuous, means that you speculate
no more. It means you know already what exists in sum,
and that you're fully free to move where sharp teeth do not wait.
(and free to cop a little buzz on righteous rapture's rum!)

A diet rich with rotten squid and pig poop ala-carte
awaits those ones who'd twist and taint what's Pure and True.
Of course, I'm thinking Trump, and all who glory in the 'Art
of the Steal', and conniving weaselosity. Butt stew,

they brew and sell to droolers who morph to a Nazi mob,
to villify and rob their neighbors. Blunt mental tools and sloth
assure that Trump will always have his goofy moron hordes. Snobs
and heartless slobs, and gobs of hicks, bum rush him in a swath.