Sandman and the Piper

Understanding is a force
that penetrates, but leaves no trace.
What else is worth the sally forth
into this Grace forsaken place?
When did 'Seize the Day' lose traction
or Vini, Vidi, Vici fade away?
Or 'Give 'em Hell!', no call to action,
nor rooster's hoot at break of day?

We came here to redress mistakes,
we've made, (perhaps from other times),
and learn to pre-identify the snakes
that skulk to strike-fang fools. The crimes
that Karma flags as worst, require
resourcefulness and shrewd insight
to fix, and set things straight and right.
As Force and Fuel are dear and dire,

Lucretia's thugs conspire and plot
to break your legs, then break your heart.
So there is every reason not
to try to mobilize a start.
Yet, urgency exists because
our days here, hold a fatal one.
Our waking is lengthy, and flaws
abound. Much work stays un-begun,

so yes, 'we've a long way to go,
and a short time to get there'.
Ol' Bandit's 'Bird becomes a Geo
at twelve, if he don't shag his share!
Knock on stone, and tell your brain
for sure will come that final day,
when karma's score tells how Humane
you've come to Be, or did you stray?