Rules of Gold

If I could add a verse to every roll
of Golden Rules, I'd pen up near the top,
this little gem. To justify a soul,
"a single way exists to proffer 'yes',
against a thousand ways to make things stop
or stymied to the point of wrecked success."

The spinning greys deny ascendancy
for any heart's desire to have it's way.
'Me always first' is what most eyes can see.
Except through luck, pure happiness is rare.
Big-hearted gifts and grants will not defray
those self-obsessed with swag they're loathe share.

Gold rules are for the best of us. The herds
of those preoccupied with wealth and dreams
of fame and power, blow past the 'gist' wise words
attempt to show. There is a one best way
to soldier on. An inner beacon beams
on Virtue's road, so straight you cannot stray.