Hearken to Rules

'Resist not evil', means to remember Self, when you start
to trance-identify with worthless things. A change in shape
of mental clays, will help create the kind of things your Heart
and Will can use for fuel to sever from the ancient Ape.

When conflicts overspill the space you need to keep a decent pace,
go neutral, with attentive point of view. If something snags,
like Daniel, turn from lion growls, A quick return to base
seals off intrusion by the horde that wheedles and nags.

To move a hill, it takes a will, a shovel and quite a while.
To chisel David from a granite block, a different kind
of mind it takes. To paint Our Mona Lisa's cryptic smile,
a lusher, deeper brain terrain must circumscribe the Mind.

Where life is based on lies, the shit results make difficult
to know what's rightly meaningful. The tension and tumult
of misfit elements, makes enemies of would be friends.
When someone lets such lies become legit, the back-crap sends

wellmeaning entities away, both mental and 3D.
The shallow gains derived, from masturbating Ego's bone
are paltry, by comparison to Will and Clarity.
Cosmic mystic things exist where Suns have never shone.