Round Trip

A gifted psyche-naut, exuberent to undertake
a birth on earth, picked out his animal, then dove
into the mystic ray. On earth, a baby cried. No fake
thing moved within it's perfect Soul. A dowry trove

of teachabilty and Goodness, was meant to last
until the animal could learn to turn it's brain
toward it's inner sun. Sadly, most folks break their mast
and sink, before they sail to find the hallowed new terrain.

What beats our heart, and breathes our lungs, and guides our chemistry,
is not a lucky accident, but a glaring mystery
that no one understands, or even thinks about. The church
with it's creation myth, does more to leave us in the lurch,

because it caters to the limpest and most lazy minds,
(by Zeus, there are so many!). Our science doesn't calculate
what can't be seen or sensed. It's focuses on different kinds
of species and phenomena, and profit is it's motive to create.

A scientist-philosopher comes closest to the type
of pilgrim-seeker most likely to succeed, and comprehend
the ENTIRE WHOLE must change. A tweak-repair will never wipe
away the underlying flaw. A wholly new 'front end',

to vett and value things, must be in place before the dark
will lift. Your Future is quite real, and needs attention now.
Just like the university allows all folks to make their mark,
so too, enlightenment is gained by work, and learning how

to know what makes connections with the inner higher planes.
The Light comes from within, but not until our Selves are freed
of pirates, yobs and dragons. It's by our hand, we take the reins
away from dandies and divas, while stoking our engines for speed.

To never re-embrace the pathway home, and stranded here at lower rank,
should cause a bloody eathquake in one's Soul. The Oddessy
our Spirits took should end triumphantly, and not with vessel sank
beneath the lake of fire, or facedown in the Sea of Galilee.