Invisible Rope

Granted, as a species, we chase our tail.
That highest prize, to which most folks say yea,
most also don't believe. The Holy Grail,
though manifold at root, still had known mass.
A carrot on a stick is Heaven's way
of firing up a stuck, self-centered ass.

As 'Now' is never not, and storied past
lives only in the mind, the scope and mode
of how we see this life, must be recast.
Eternity surrounds, and is inside,
and written in the sub-atomic code
of everything existing, far and wide.

One's own self must create the means to read
this world of time, with careful, conscious eyes.
New paradigms and patterns men must heed,
if truest understanding is to be,
and life's long painful jouney to be wise
can come to pass, and set one's spirit free.