Rise up and Shine!

The scriptural Kingdom of Heaven is not a place, but a state
of Being, in the here and now. The rules to find this realm
are not in literal law, but come in the form of learning to rate
what Time brings forth, in a way that principles own the helm.

Existing In one's head, there is a pearl of living starlight,
whose genius has kept us alive, despite the ignoramous at the wheel.
Learning how to hear and see what's truely real, gives height
and breadth to Consciousness, and deep new ways to feel.

Even in prison, or lost in wilds of wishful believing,
a man with ardent effort can, recode his stalled machine.
If you want out, it's up to you to quit your self-deceiving,
false fingering and anger fits when pissants diss your mien.

Wide-eyed joyous wonder, has no place in a hateful mind,
nor does a peaceful heart belong where snide ones sharpen darts.
A total change of mental management, brings a different kind
of strategy; to glean what's truely worth it's salt in smarts.

To inhale and own all your negative and nasty thoughts, no time
is left for better things, let alone the learning that, in You
your God abides. Your psyche is an unseen paradigm
with features very different from the outer world milieu,

and yet has similiarities. A slum exists where poor
and broken people live, and danger stalks the unaware.
The same bad places operate within the sick and sore
neglected zones of mind, where light is never brought to bear.

Most folks treat their gift of life as if it were a box
wrapped up in handsome paper with a prety bow on top.
To keep it safe, it's kept on ice, in darkness like Fort Knox,
and no one knows or cares what waits inside. It's now a prop

that serves as grail for habit herds of attitudes,
and Ego based ideas that leave one baffled and broke.
Within this gift, the means to rise beyond the beast, exudes
it's mead, if only takers sipped. From acorns come the oaks.

Assuredly, most acorns end in guts of animals and birds,
and very few attain magnificence of trunk and mighty boughs.
A proper Soul stays clean, even were it raining turds,
and fit to join the revelry where angels all carouse!