Scaling the Scale

It's said that when Columbus sailed to Cuba, the natives saw
his longboats only, as double deck two masted caravel ships,
had bever before been seen. Beyond belief and past their laws
of possibility to be, their untaught minds, like dogs, just skip

whatver they can't comprehend. The Universe holds much
we can't describe, much less percieve. So arrogant we are,
that most of us sit back and lie, and let excuses serve as crutch
to keep us from the work it takes to build a stairway to the Stars.

if we don't seek escaping from the dark psychology
that False Persona traffics in, we'll sputter out and die,
to all things glorious and right. Our biology
includes a means to self-develop, to hone both ear and eye.

Beyond religious lunacy, we're on this earth to grow
along a certain path to reach a certain end. The Way
is difficult and takes devotion to identify what's guano
betwixt one's ears, then scrape and flush until we reach clean clay,

where we can sculpt ouselves again, this time by our own muse.
The only cause that's genuine is work to free the soul to be
the conscious dynamo that serves Divine intent. To choose
some other way, the road will end in mere philosophy.