Rings and Pistons

What Joe calls precious, says less about the valued thing
and more about the one who rates. 12 volt wires bear less juice
than those that carry kilovolts. A low awareness Being,
will bring a shallow reckoning to things Joe finds abstruse.

As there are many, he tends to favor surfaces to guage
the worth of things. He knows that books have covers that entice,
and that the picture often don't match what's written on the page.
But since he's lazy, he goes for glitter, and rolls the dice.

Is 'ouch' what's short for, 'O U CHump'? Mary Lou was so cute,
but ouch, she took the house. That car was so cheap and cool,
but ouch, the motor blew. Religion's promise; to transmute
a squandered life, really serves to further fleece the fool.

No one but you or I can heavy lift the broken old machine
from where it meets and forms impressions drawn through life and time.
It's busted rusty gears have skipped and stalled for years and been
complicit in the bulk of tragedies we've known. Sadly for us, the grime

is getting worse. A new direction of approach, plus tools
for vetting all events and thoughts that might come down the pike,
are indispensible, and serve to disinclude rude fools
too smug to work. Their destiny, I suspect, they won't like.