The Ride Ain't Free

Lazy, crazy and evil, could describe the whiteshark's share
of humankind. Fiddling while Rome burns, most people cruise
along in love with clothes and cars, as if they did't have a care.
Money-lust and secret appetites mixed up with booze,

create the kind of Midas cheats, that violate the Laws
of amplifying inner Light. Our species has forgotten facts,
re. repairwork on one's over-proud preciousness and other flaws.
One's darkside stays unlit, life after life, to shirk one's karmic tax.

No productive passage, while navigating Life's Road Home,
will net a fellow major cracks in what he promised to preserve,
before he came to earth. Think about that. For years you roam
amuck without a clue, as if there were no task to serve.

The absence of those little truths you didn't learn way back,
now return to haunt and taunt your quest to make escape
from pastimes meant to keep the brain asleep. Persona's lack
of energy is solved by draining yours. The ancient ape

is yet a part of everyone. Though silent and unseen,
when joined up with a lazy unkempt mind, it gains in clout.
Violence and hatred are the spawn, which then get in between
best interests and hopes we keep, and pounds our fragile snout.

The very last thing we need is more of what makes us blind.
When we stay stupid, in love with things, we trade away the Truth
and lose the only key to freedom in the neart and mind.
For any chance to free your Being, you must become an ardent sleuth.

Between Sherlock Holmes, Mother Teresa and Rambo, one's quest
to realize the Divine and mystic spark within one's core,
a Soul must find a means that's flexile, to climb his inner crest
and plant a flag where he'll explore, and and 'come to' adore.