Reversal and Resurrection

The sun and stars don't wheel round the earth. Our untaught souls
believe the rush of life that whirls about them, is all there is to know.
But when they know that they must turn, like dolphins in the shoals,
to swim great inner seas, they'll join with joy the cosmic current's flow.

To not desist from trafficing in snarky rant tirades,
and not resist the tease and tug of buying into crap,
will taint your inborn innocence. You'll watch it as it fades
away. Transforming bulls to butterflys, will spring the trap

that keeps our wallow looking like the Taj Mahal. Without
this natural innocence, ones hopes for Clarity and Light
can never come to pass. Honest eyes are dynamite to doubt
and fear, but come at costs that most won't pay. Hard work and fight,

dissuade those folks who are too lazy, or too afraid.
Not counting drunks and stoners, predators, or the insane
blotto brain-believers bound up and buried in lies, the grade
is steep. Remember to travel lite. Infinite Regality's domain

abides no baggage of double-cross, treachery or lies.
Your only worth is that, your not the one you think you are.
That guy has got to go. You really ARE, but your disguise
is a conglom of every vice known to man. A certain kind of radar

must needs become as one with the turning of your face to scan
all others and thus recognize what bad you see in them,
you deny exists within yourself. So you project and point. A man
who knows,'it takes one to know one', owns a very precious gem.

The problem of being an asshole, is caused by us alone.
So when we fix ourselves, all others nicely fit our space.
When apathy and arrogance solidify, no known
restorative can penetrate this evil scab. No trace

of wonder, awe or empathy defines a soul that's dead.
The body that lives on, run by Persona, spreads drama and strife,
and is so very dead. Real dark it is, to occupy such a head,
as one lies, cheats and worse, to justify a pointless life.