In this life, intelligence is most bright,
precision thought and wisdom are most dear.
The pastor's holy flock restrict their sight,
and steer their lives through formula and fear.
As Spirit is the underlying force
which Is our very beating heart and breath,
the mind cannot directly know it's source,
nor feelings, comprehend impending death.
There is, therefore, an element of sin
intelligence is helpless to resolve.
By recognizing this, one may begin
from Animal through Angel, to evolve.
Resentment, oftentimes, is not mistake.
We are mis-used by those we hold most dear.
Though pretty, Earthly justice is a fake.
Innocents do spill blood upon the spear.
As pain is unconcerned with wrong or right,
and loss inflicts privation on us all,
the sadness and the anger at our plight
is jagged sharp and very natural.
The seething grief of pain without relief,
goes underground, like cancer in our gut.
This ache which bucks both logic and belief,
no faculty of man can shed or cut.
Like muddy boots, resentment has no place
in paradise, nor does it serve the quest
to waken and personify the Grace,
that fills all Souls and sparks our bones with zest.