Regime Change

We can build our muscles, but not our brain,
or that's what many people think. We spend
long hours pumping dumbbells, enduring pain
whose pangs take us to the wall. We won't end
this torture of our flesh, or even start
to shake and shape our sleeping Self. It takes
real work to elevate both mind and heart,
and must be keenly done, until one wakes.
The obstacles and traps that stalk our trail,
are aided by 'an inside job'. Acquired,
false sides of self, mislead and wholly fail
at loyalty and love. Its aims are wired
to pinch and mooch the life force from its host.
Its shifty deeds and lies, are geared to steer
one's energies to crash and burn. Utmost
attention to refocus and revere
this holy goal, must be sustained and kept,
until one burns the bed on which he slept.