Suckered by a Red Cape

Suckered by a Red Cape

Imagining qualities and virtues he doesn't have, makes a man fool.
It taints the coming flawless crop on which, he relies to feed
his needs. Who is it then, that's doing this treasonous drool?
So, if I ever drew a bead on he who did the deed,

and offed this Ass, I'd likely ride the shoulders of the pure
and happy crowd of Innocents, that now can breathe in Peace.
But, we ain't caught this rattlesnake, and one thing that is sure,
we're not prepared to hunt this skunk. The uncaught king of Fleece

and Fool-ya, like the cockroach Trump, stays free to sabotage
our private hopes. If one asked why this travesty exists,
I'd have to say, we're blinded by the Ego fed mirage
that cooks the books. We hold ourselves infallible, as fists

will fly to fix reproach of any kind. This nasty nerve
occurs because we know, in secret, few of what we claim is true.
Fact is, we're drunk on moot pursuits, and fail to observe
we vet the world with jaded eyes, to fabricate our view.

The truth is You, with bias and blindness, allow the rat
to ransack the larder while you play at being something you're not.
The self-love temple most come down or else you'll kill the cat,
and doom yourself to endless rounds of pain, chasing the plot.