Rake between worlds

Our physical estate with limbs that move and nerves that sense,
emmeshed within the ceaseless roil of this worlds ebb and flow,
is only half, and wholly other than, the inner and immense,
deeper psychic realms where 'reckoning mentation' comes to know

shades and shapes of the Divine. Two worlds, each with their own
unique imperatives and languages, can be refined
to great or barren ends. That which joins the two is known
as You. It's up to you to keep the ports aligned,

so that events arn't misdefined and pillaged for the good
they bring. With nothing being free and entropy on full,
the time is always right for cleaning out the neighborhood
of trolls, both in and out. To grab the proverbial bull,

might be the hardest part, because WE sabotage our Souls
from gaining Light. How, you ask? By staying unaware our strings
are pulled by unseen hands, collusion by keeping puny goals,
and serving unwell appetites that bugger up the flow of things.

Ignorance and hatred, violence and fear are first in line
for daily bread and last to pay the bill. They've got to go,
along with cousins pride and greed and sloth. Until these swine
can be deposed, no gain whatever can change your status quo.