Everything the senses see beyond one's skin, that fills
the world with spectacle and roar, makes up all things, 'not me'.
The human isle of flesh that answers to my name, and wills
to bring advantages in time beyond survival, must see

that no similitude of Truth will do. To lose one's way
when underway, is often catastrophic. One can spend years,
even lifetimes, to re-gain the path that leads beyond decay.
I reaffirm to watch my brain, wherever it may steer.

Inside the mind, the viewer is corrupt, but doesn't know.
He points outside himself, convinced the guilt and blame
belongs to other folks. When someone fingers him as bad, he blows
his top, and lashes out. As long as he won't own the shame,

that is his due, his Being can not change, nor grow. Simple as that.
One spends their life, dodging smirch and smear, but it turns out
there is some truth in slams, however small. We must look at
every scrap that comes to us, lest we miss a crucial fact about

our true estate. So many wear a mask, believing none
can know that bumps and warts that pock one's nose are there.
The facts about the way we are, we see after they're spun
by Ego's self-machine. The untouched truth becomes the Soul's eclaire,

which it consumes, transforms and restitutes the heart.
The flesh machine we all possess, can bear about a fool
to burn through time without a clue. Or it can learn the art
of waking up the Soul. The trueness of the Golden rule

reflects eternal energies that have a tinge of Tao.
Other laws and principles, confirm an absolute
design in how to waken, out of which the here and now
becomes refined and full of light. Beyond refute,

one's learning and experience comprise one's height of Being.
Correct conjunction leads to a richer, less rigid state
of awareness. How things work to reach a better way of seeing,
is subject number one, once one accepts he owns his fate.

Born again, is what occurs if one climbs the steps to Grace.
To worship the staircase, instead of working to climb its tiers,
will put one sound asleep, and leave his ass in that same place
where worthless vermin go. Oblivion takes all racketeers.