Here Puppy Puppy!

One's own endeavors can produce new takes on olden views.
What's obvious, can often hide that which is being sought,
because assumptions of the seeker are faulty and confuse
the steersman of one's quest. Fessing up to what you're not,

will open doors, or without such, you'll always stay a bum.
When I say I am, the world says you arn't. Strife is built in
to every declaration except the Truth. Men are mostly dumb,
blind and numb to truthful things, preferring to break in,

pillage and flee. No ethical relationship with Grace,
will keep you nose deep in poop. Humility is the first stage.
One must quit false Ego's pride and vanity. A clean and simple face
not trolling for attention's drool from fools, begins to disengage

from excesses of all that feeds the gullet of the glutton
whose made your Soul, it's home. Eviction takes all day and night
ten thousand times. The short run makes it easy to stay mutton,
unconcerned with transcendental things, but laziness and fright,

assure it's certain, one will end up on a fork. Break from
your early ways, once and for all. Just because your body's old,
doesn't mean you're not a punk. No future bliss will come
to one, whose stature's built on vice. In love with phoney gold

will get you Death without parole, as well as snuff your Soul.
We came here for a reason which players conveniently forget.
They trade their chance to know Life's mystery, to be a troll
patrolling pointless places, glad to be Persona's pet.