One's purest state of Being, nearest to the psychic sun,
is found by taming darting wings in flocks of scattered thought.
New ways to draw fresh meaning from the ancient truths, begun
beside the quest to clear and clean the crap Persona wrought,

will bring about real change of Being. Up can look down, but down
can't see Up. This principle of elevation shares
similitude with inner planes. Born into La-La town
without a clue, a turning of the mind to find the stairs,

must be devised. The one and only thing that counts, before
a rise in energies is felt, is work to recognize
the rules and tools that aids in one's discovering the door
between the next celestial plane. That is where I realize,

a real and true eternity whose sweep includes us all,
is always near. One thing is certain sure; without a clean
and naked Soul, they just don't let you in. One can't forstall
entropy or death, but can evolve beyond stupidity and mean

spirit, but first one must admit the buried truths long jailed
behind denial's lies. As Truth lives on, long after we are gone,
our lies scribe out a paradigm of how we've lived and failed
to understand that on this road of Life, we are but pawns

upon the cosmic scale. We have a job to do, but King
or Queen, is not our fate. To honor Good and Truth, and love
what's Beautiful with all one's head and heart, is the main thing.
Stars of the show are shot on sight, and Midas at his trove

has got to go. So to, the glutton and the lazy sloth.
The deeper darkness holds the jealous, lying, wrathful beast.
where cowards quake and horndogs howl, we have to swear an oath
to round these critters up, and be our own internal priest.