Prickly Pear

If people knew how stone asleep they are,
and that they have no means to rise beyond
the fractious energies of this dog star,
they'd shudder hard to see what they have spawned.

Resentments are accounts which must be paid,
but not by whom you'd think. The other guy
could not care less and jeers at your tirade.
It's you who ponies up to nullify

YOUR attachment to the prickly pear!
What we deny in us, we hate to face
in other souls. In Life, this is a snare
that drags down everybody's pace.

The dire desire for higher-end sentience,
is met when work on self, corrects and steers
attention span. Unthinkably immense,
this universe is fourteen billion years

at labor, to create itself. Might it just be,
that we're a mite short in certainties?
There is a way to wake, but it's not free,
Its like striptease, one piece at a time, please.

Like happiness on skis, A little thrill
occurs when people understand at last,
that inwardness contains a vigour mill,
and is true kin to that, which is so vast.