Ones precious pictures of oneself are fake.
That is, because no single self exists,
at least until ones sleeping brain desists
in dreaming while insisting its awake.

One day we claim to be so good and kind,
the next, will rail and rage against our mate.
One day we claim our thinking is first rate,
the next, complain of keys we cannot find.

To ever have a ready steady mind,
comes only after work to cultivate
an understanding based on Truth. Ones fate
depends on ways to learn what lays behind

beliefs and attitudes. All have, acquired
crap from childhood. And all must recognize
there's far far more to know, than uninspired
dead dogma claims it has, to make you wise.

A shifting of ones sense of I, is had
when one obtains new means of rating worth.
This kills off habits learned, when times were bad,
and boegymen and bullies, roamed the earth.