To Swing a Smaller Club

A giant boy, named Canker, had great fun
kicking the butt of every kid at school.
Three hundred pounds and six feet two, no one
with half a wit would face him down. He had
the luxury of life without a duel,
and even fools knew not to make him mad.

One day he snapped my ear, then like a lord,
moved on, dismissing me. Sure, I felt shame
that such abuse should pass without my sword
jammed in his ass. But alas, a ninth-grade
student never has one handy. So tame
with busted balls, I slunk away, dismayed.

For anyone who's faced a nasty troll,
and watched what's good and worthy brought to naught
perhaps this ending twist, will salve your soul.
Next day at lunch, on Canker's seat I set
a tack. In class, I read, to not get caught.
When Canker sat, his roar paid off his debt!