Planes, Ladders and Scales

Instead of teaching how to wash and what foods not to eat,
Christ taught the kinds of truth concerned with learning ethics,
not rules. The traits of hate and greed, pride and anger meet
where Ego orchestrates its schemes and lies. It's scams and tricks

destroy the elemental innocence packaged as part of the Plan
for men to gain omniscience. From baby days, our needs and fears created
bunker-hardened pattern tracks to endure this less than
kindly hammer-chase called daily life. Our thoughts have been dictated

by rigid ruts that now must be erased. A chicken chips
its shell, as people must make gone the shards and tangs,
that rip the Soul in passage through this permanent eclipse
of Light Divine that darkens this hard land of claw and fang.

Coldheartedness repels warm living things, coldmindedness attracts the dark.
Together are despicable to vibrant, kinder, wiser eyes.
We've got to fix the twists of self, ourselves, as we were marked
for matters more than just a fallow field. A web of lies

fingerpaints the windows of one's sleepy crainial abode.
Awakening one's consciousness is dire, to what this world is all about.
The body's brain sustains the mind, which has a built-in mode
to blossom, and conform to ways and means, that funnel clout

which helps the energies that address our next-world aims.
To truly think 10 trillion stars are purposeless, except to stump
dolts and idiots, shows a Being destined for the flames
of irrelevantcy. There are questions, whose answers can't jump

the chasm that splits true seekers from, those lost in the wilds of self-love.
One's 'ME', a six armed pseudo-self devoted to preserving what
it thinks belongs to it, is in fact, the beating heart of
all that doesn't work in this world. This 'Me', is a program that

defines and muscles incoming impressions to move where
'ME's' master plan says go. New codes of thought and deed can turn
one's inner eyes to behold the 'path of totality', which shares
circularity with the Real Ones that we are. All must learn

the basic way the universe is scaled, ie. galaxies,
stars and planets. A scale of levels depicted as a gyre,
with angels ascending and descending, can represent degrees
by which things touch. One's psyche requires a thorough rewire,

before true clarity, can bring meaning to forward seeing eyes.
There's more to view than most men know, because they won't learn how to look.
Not given them to see, until they work to kill the cozy lies
that keep them fed on bullshit and asleep, a new way to unhook

and navigate the snags that keep the Light away, awaits
all willing pilgrims at the plow. 99 percent of everyone
fall seriously short of shouldering the exigencies of Fate,
such that, their destinies stays dark until their days are done.

I heard somewhere that soul-less fodder is in high demand
where lesser, but truth loving Beings can pick amongst it's bones.
Who knows? Unprobed mysteries await those minds who aim to understand
the next rung up the astral scale toward rare celestial zones.