A guilt trip means, you're holding fast to things not meant for you,
while shrugging off the grief you bring to others, often close.
Whatever conscience that one has, taxes the force of who
among the many in you, won't release their grip on those

forbidden things. So pangs get muffled by 'Deny and Justify',
but ever on, a heavy, listless gloom surrounds the Soul.
When one comes clean and knows, the fault is always ours, his I
will stand a chance of wakening, but not until. The trolls

we are, come from surviving childhood. Damage and pain
accompany our social integration, and it shapes
what we become. Alas, we pass it on, and lock the chain.
But for a few, this planet is overrun wirh apes

who have no clue, there is a point to life beyond, 'fight
for bread, breed your kind, then curtains'. Within all things
that live, a spark divine ignites the flame of psychic Light.
The goal of Soul is buoyancy to glide with Conscious wings,

high above the psychodrama cess, of they who dwell
in densities impervious to Light. Labor is required
to loose attachments to mechanical man-made Hell,
and manage now until the end, to keep the furnace fired.

The notion that we are the conscious boss of all we do
is an old and deep illusion, bought and brought from early days.
We think we are but one, among the many others who
believe the same. Within the Mind unseen, the voice that says

'I am' and 'me', is fed from different points of view,
often contrarious. Trapped in our beliefs, we are asleep
to this, and serve as puppets to machinery that cues
us when, and what to say and do. Though we behave like sheep,

we tell ourselves that we control our every move and thought.
But factually, we're more complex, and many factors play
a part in shaping what we see. Attitudes and habits blot
the true componentry of everyday events. The way

we are, we may as well be blind. We miss so much detail
imagining we know. We lose so many perks, because
we're sure we've got it right. and later when we thrash and wail,
false pride steps in to squelch the fray. The karmic laws

prescribe the means you have to never run afoul the Truth.
We work to turn our axis, so's to orient towards Light.
To clear, clean and re-purpose eggshell wreckage of our youth,
signals that our readiness is ripe, to learn and master Flight.