Two roads diverged in a psychic wood.
One had a sign that said, "To Paradise",
The other's sign displayed, " Think Hard, Think Twice,
This Way To Hell." Behind this, a billboard stood

and showed a party girl with cocktail glass,
and flashing stars, jangling out a jackpot.
Joe Blow would say, " Haloes and harps, my ass,
fun times, dollar signs, Learjets and a yacht,

are more my style." So paltry few, would tweet,
" Heaven is not a place, but is a state
of Grace, that guides the Mind to transcend fate,
and taste new freedoms, gloriously sweet. "

Fixed attitudes ingrained from early days,
severely stall the mind. As their slant stays
the same, nothing can ever change, no matter
Truth's pie, be served upon a golden platter.

'Evilocity,' comes from machine
brains cranking crap. Violence of the beast
lives in and underlies us all. Obscene
and ugly demons lurk within, and feast

upon cadavers left behind, when wars
to free the heart were lost. To overprize
ones sense of preciousness, just flat ignores
the obvious. You're broke, with broken eyes.

The only way to reach Nirvanic shores,
requires Complete Attention. Distractions kill,
and will, if one's without a skillful Will
to ward away Temptation's siren-whores,

that sweetly call from coves of shallow rock.
The deck is stacked against a true escape
from all the trappings of the zombie ape,
which pride-tranced men deny they are. Sleepwalk

and talk, through many years, have made men numb
and blind within. Definite steps will lead
an earnest soul to where it may succeed
in tasting Grace, and maybe Kingdom Come.