The Pearl in the Onion

Some mysics call this life, 'Creation's Ray'.
Taoists and the Dao De Jing, call it 'the Way'.
'Great Chain of Being' describes its myriad stages,
espoused by ancient pantheistic sages.
Expanding galaxies, our inner universe

and subatomic things, somewhere converse
in terms of like, though different states and scales.
Insanely more exists, than can be told,
and untaught brains can never know details.
beyond a statued calf made out of gold,

or burning bush. It takes an able mind
to plow the old, then plant the new. It takes
a wealth of time to make oneself unblind,
and luck enough to duck the frauds and fakes.
When palmists say, 'your stars are all aligned,'

this means your karmas cool. Although absurd,
its simpler than the unportrayable,
diffuse, and downright unconveyable
Logos meaning within the gospel's Word.
Awakening has rules that can't be blurred.

They're definite and exact, and like rare jewels,
ost just waste most difficult to find, extract and cut.
They're not beliefs to follow. They are Tools
to mine the 'here and now' for meaning's nut,
but add a slant that steers above the rut,

that unexamined souls wear in the track.
In time, all souls will struggle, stress and strive
to flee the tortures of Persona's rack,
but most just waste their precious time alive.
Lifetimes later, and wiser, they'll be back.