Pay As You Go

The human Soul exists with real, set rules, by which we liberate.
Unfollowed, the Soul will spoil. Likely thirty years it takes
to form a psychic edifice that interacts without debate.
Consciousness itself is competent, once it wakes

to fathom, ponder and decide, without your help, and above your head.
The methods that one learns to ply, develop over time.
Comprised of truthful understanding, it won't abide a shred
of self-deceit. No trace of fractious 'Otherness', cleaves or slimes

the singularity, that holds the tendrils of our seeking hope
to comprehend the mysteries beyond our grade of Grace.
'Undivided two', infers just One. This should cause the mind to grope
about and grasp, the 'Individual' contains 'the many', but in no case

does the many, fit back into the one. Small fits
in large, but not reverse. This is a constant that applies
to inner thought and outer deed. This principle permits
a starting point to build upon. This is truth. It never lies.

One has to climb a slope, as worthy things are never free.
Reversal of current beliefs, must transform the heart.
The 'metanoia' turn of mind can only start when one agrees
his old goals suck, and well is dryer than a popcorn fart.

" The wages of sin are death ", the Bible says. If this be viewed,
"a life that's wrongly lived, destroys it's higher Mind", folks might
use common sense. Without connection to a deeper Grace, they've screwed
the proverbial pooch. High looks down on Low, and sees a sight

of forest and its trees. Low looks up and can't behold
a winkles worth of what the hell goes on behind the veil!
The links and laws exist, and always have. They promise gold
to anyone with nads to slog his way on up the cosmic scale.