Energies currently in use by Dufas and his moon crew,
are squandered, while the earnest freedom seekers go without.
This headline shows a pix of you, eyes wide neck deep in poo.
Some ache with shame, to learn behind facade, they're just a lout.

What's to be done with this? One can't correct what one can't see,
so lets just hit the party trail, right? Maybe our belief
in legends, myths and fairy wishes, will magically decree
repair of this take place. Until we catch and snuff this thief

with our own mind, he'll pick our bones and then hand us the bill.
You can tell a man he oughtta, but you can't make him think.
Most don't see this as dire, nor grasp they don't possess free will.
One can raise all kinds of hell, but still can't quit the drink

or smoking Jones. False pride and secret fears, wax uncontrolled,
and no one gets why we take back faithless lovers who lie.
Real Will is not a tool plain men possess. Strong, brave and bold
are traits a wee bit lean in the clout-locker! One's 'I'

is a faking liar, quick to anger with zero virtues in ballast.
Proper men don't save face, nor exact their pound of flesh.
Real choice is not about the lesser evils, but more about steadfast
and principled hand on wheel & foot on gas. An ethical mesh

of "friskers" that sort merits from the minuses, helps shunt
resources coming down the pike of life, where best they fit.
(doing wonders for one's end of day receipts!) Life's hunt
to learn new ways to know and understand, hones sharp the wits,

and hardens hard the Will. The quarry of the Quest is conscious Mind.
A bank of many skills lends much, to cornering that beast
that ravages our innocence and labors. Persona can act so kind
before it savages whatever yearns for Truth. One must become a priest,

who rectors the door of the Soul. Contaminants surround balloon
like capsules of seedling wannabe angels. Sincere sustained
attention to enabling force and energy, will soon
bring cool fresh waters to inner grounds where its never rained.