Over the Tips

Over the Tips

How we so love pointing out the many nits and dings
in everyone, except our selves. Our superiorities
and extra special gifts, are grounds for exemption from many things,
that others are compelled to undergo. They probably have fleas!

Trump needs a square Inspector General, as do we all,
to sift and sniff the bull we generate. Everybody lies,
and leaks to some degree, and less should be their goal. The call
to change arises from the depths within, where Ego's wicked eyes

cannot disrupt delivery of tools and energies,
intended to facilitate awakening in Light.
If we don't work to learn what must be done before we seize
the reins on what and how we think, one's goal of conscious flight

goes down in flames. There is no easy way to change the pose
of mind we've settled with, but sure as Hell, it can be done.
A change of Soul that's permanent, comes when we're Ego's foes,
and every waking moment, strive to put him on the run.

Blindly drifting in and out of states of mind, we cruise
along unmindful as a billiard ball speeding to smash
another. We sign in, take bows and then we snooze
again, oblivious. How in the hell, folks hope to slash

the cords that keep Persona strong, remains an open guess.
Expecting change while doing zip, makes hard the arteries
that feed the Soul. Doing this creates a psychic stress,
that crystalizes into slag, to make a paradox for fools

to wonder of, and scratch their heads. Most of us are slaves asleep
to paradise, and treasures of the Soul. Alive through Time, the mind
recieved the whole shebang of life. Throughout it's pan and sweep,
through every phase and stage, the psyche's searched both high and low to find

fresh Truth. Those Souls who strive to wake can make a goal,
to raise their state of Being, beyond a driverless machine,
and chart their inner heavens, searching for the mystic hole
through which, the traces of Divinity are sensed and seen.