The Ostrich

Ostrich on a Rompin' Roll I cannot force, nor shape the world around,
as I'd like to. The reason that this is so;
is Life's ceaseless changes have gagged and bound
my brain, clean true thought just past reach. Although
I am completely powerless, I lie
and tell myselt, I'm under-firm control.
I satisfy myself with crumbs, and try
to look convincing as I play my role.

When I do this, I can not fathom why,
as 'wrongs' like this, affect my state of soul.
My path to higher mind twists up awry,
when I forget my innermost north pole.
Like smashing flowers down, by my own hand,
I do forsake my best, and so do you.
We are asleep, and do not understand
the fictions we employ, are empty poo.

This status quo,with its gridlock and chains
cannot improve, 'til You take-up the reins.