Opus 12

If raptured self-awareness is life's prize,
Man's parable, is that he starts as coal
and ends, when diamond like, divinely wise,
his live-wire conscious mind, attains it's goal.

It's a stretch, I admit, given the glutted,
flat-brained automatons most men are.
And from the fishy muck in which they're rutted
I doubt if they'd know their swamp from a star.

The universe has other plans for most.
I don't know, but I'm sure it can't be good.
Naughty Christians are sent to Hell to roast,
in flames, I bet they'd change things if they could!

All religions have some kind of a Hell.
If you don't follow rules, then you get screwed.
Beyond perdition's fire, a 'vice' spawned shell
must crack apart, if wisdom will be pursued.

Dissatisfied with lacking true control?
No middleman evangelist can give
the needed seeds to blossom forth the soul,
nor teach essential truths to fully live.

When ego's airs, it's appetites, and lazy
brain are managed, one's ready to begin.
The single thing that makes us all so crazy
is that we don't embrace ourselves as kin

to the divine, with rights to dress our souls
in God's own light. Our essence is the stuff
of angels come to earth, with karnic goals
to boost what's meaningful, and boycott fluff.

Our troubles are profound. Original
sins are vestiges, still at work from childhood.
Unenlightened, with a rogue's rationale,
we prey upon what's beautiful and good.

Unless, one manages to turn away,
and proselytize his heart, mind and will
to redefine priorities and slay
Caligula, he'll never not be ill.

Do not forget that men evolved from apes,
no matter what the sacred Scriptures say.
From the grape press of time, not one escapes.
Called forth from the muds and trees, all obey.

Do not be proud because your sport car gleams
or that your clothes from the mall are so fine.
Generations out of mind, reach through dreams
reminding us 'Consciousness is Divine'.

So raptured self awareness is life's prize.
Smart money says, a spiritual inquest,
must wake the sleeping self to recognize
our inmost Being is supremely blessed.