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There are some things every soul on Earth
must do to end the cycle of rebirth,
(or at the least, improve).The reason why
some folks, born sick or poor only scrape by,

may have to do with misdeeds from their past.
If after life, one's soul becomes re-cast,
as wretch through king, to live again and bring
life's solid truths to light, then one sure thing

would be; to use this life to find and mend
all karmic snags. In order to ascend
to better lives, all must take charge and rise,
transcending inner violence, and its lies.

This isn't children's milk, but is strong meat.
A fruitful kluge, based on non-gospel laws,
provides new ways to ponder 'chaff and wheat',
and how to spot your own sou-ldamning flaws,

More headroom to explore, reflect and dream
will be, when stiff machine like views and acts
are stripped away and changed The whole supreme-
ly conscious mind, is built on truth and facts.

Ignorance, belief and fear, have no place
when climbing up from Habit's cartel hold.
Most fall asleep, remembering no trace
of what they meant to do, then just grow old.

Hey, many, many die without a clue
about the sheer magnificence of life.
The galaxies and universe outdo
Christian Heaven without a tick of strife.