One Way Out

Most folks don't know how fully they're asleep, or even that
they can awake to depths of meaning far beyond mundane.
This quickening of mental chops, uplifts the state we're at
in thinking clear, and gives us tools that help to shape our brain

to be aligned to that cosmic flow of force, which some call Grace.
One size does not fit all. Religions swindle what they sell,
and philosophic schools don't graduate all, at one pace.
Each Soul's alone in it's life-quest, to slip the yoke of Hell

that tethered us, since shortly after birth. No one can free
up another's enlightenment. By hard and honorable work,
each lifts and hones their panoramic sweep and clarity,
until the proper path is never lost. Should someone shirk

their duty to assist their own enlightenment, and spurn
to learn what's ethical and right, a wretched end awaits.
"There ain't but one way out," Greg Allman sang. Without a turn
of mind to see true Light, rebirth in toxic darkness stays one's fate.

Pursuing ends, that don't redeem the debts already owed,
is tantamount to faithless fraud, and won't go well for those
who know this life was meant to mend mistakes. An ethics code
that circumvents Persona's dominance, defeats the foes

who would betray one's quest to foster liberty and Light.
The impetus to change one's ways, though painful, still is gold.
When boozers hit rock bottom, and through AA win the fight,
they then possess a precious gift. When alcohol's controlled,

the sober path winds up decisively towards higher mind.
Eliminating vice and habits, makes for fresh new space
to engineer the most efficient ways and means to find
the brilliant inner vistas never seen before. No trace

of klooge to chaos lurks, where sobriety unites with Soul.
Nothing of lasting worth, is gained through parlance with the rude
and prideful zeroes, who putt about unwilling to wake. The coal
we are, is destined for true diamond-hood, but attitudes

based negative and low, block Grace's rain from soaking seeds.
Without a lot of help, no new thing grows. Nothing less
than no surrender inner war, will bring an end to weeds,
and moody weather that storms at whim, and makes a mess.