One Truth

Commencing fourteen billion light years back,
our universe has infinite extents,
and twenty trillion stars, exist to whack
the daylights from your reason and your sense!

How dare you fall in comatose repose,
lips pursed to suck the flat breast of belief?
How do you bash about, content to doze
while everything that matters, comes to grief?

Though atheism can show that some men think
beyond the sticky tendrils of old lore
and wishy wants, one's reason must keep sync
with wonder and sheer awe. The door to more

meaningful Truth, is swung through mental work,
with sacrifice and suffering. The goal is for
complete disclosure of where false things lurk.
Bogus constructs are jigs, for ever more

demoraling missings of the mark.
We always take the same things, the same way.
Heaven's Kingdom is no amusement park,
with angels, harps and halos. A bright ray

of conscious Light, illuminates your 'pearl
that has no price'. That's all of Heaven that
a soul can know. The eternal swirl
of atoms and galaxies, leaves Heaven flat.