Old School

From ancient times the Christian church reviled
the Atheists, considered Devil's spawn.
But what priests sell is weak. A virgin's child,
was crucified, and died to wash and wipe
the sins of thieves and liars. To make a swan
out of a skunk, in sum, describes their hype.

An athiest maintains there is no god.
There's much support for this. At least, debate
is possible, though no side gets the nod.
Now numb and clueless is New Normal's own.
Aloof to Fate or Grace, these zombies rate
their Ipod just like manna from the Zone!

As men, they still watch kid shows on TV.
Unsmilingly, I say their souls have shed
a critical dimensionality.
No moonshot charge to see what vibrant force
makes animant this world to which their bred,
much less, an emprise to discern their source.

Kudos to those who seek this timeless goal;
' unchaining and enlightening the Soul.'