The One True Oddessy

When read aright, the gospels are a conduit to Grace.
So not, 'the Lord your God', this higher deeper plane
of Being within the mind has rarely shown its face
to Souls uncleansed, untaught and void of questing brain.

Its not a matter of belief, but knowledge of what's true.
You have to earn your eyes. The wreckage wrought by child-time traits,
in cahoots with weak bungled thinking, leaves guckage and goo
within the brain, precluding men from knowing higher states.

Possibilities beyond the word, 'profound', take every shape
throughout the universe. Our species, one of countless kinds,
populate the stars that fill the galaxies. Escape
from this conclusion's only the delusion of stalled minds.

For one with hopes to see results in gaining holy ground,
its pay for play. Accumulations from many dead years
of pointless life, obstruct and sabotage the path upbound.
A fully focused Soul must be employed to jam the gears

in that machine your Ego made. So. ways exist that you
know nothing of, that were meant to help you liberate
that heart and mind. A single simple choice, will give a clue
on how to break the lock that binds you to an unenlightened fate.

That choice in time, will change the wkole shebang 90 degrees,
to show a wonderous collage of Light, to blow your shorts off.
Spirit rides the raw eternal wave, through every trough
and peak, and lives inside, awaiting those who seek.