Nothing Beats Doing It Right

Appetites and attitudes, squat upon the open throat
of that within us, capable of reaching to the stars.
No accident accounts for why we must concoct an antidote
that liberates our energies to overfly Life's pointless wars.

As animals evolve in form, so too their minds expand,
but man alone is capable of change that he himself controls.
Clearly, not all people want this, preferring fairyland
where no one works to luminate deep regions of their Souls.

Affliction's furnace filters gold from clay, and glory from what's gray.
The learning we recieve through suffering, fortifies our Will to strive
to see what habit patterns keep us bound, and find a way
to rid oneSelf of false and toxic thoughts. The trials that we survive

become an able arm that serves the cause; to wake to Grace.
The scams Persona runs to keep us comatose are so
dark. We think that we're the one true ME behind our face.
when conflicts rage within, one or more "I wants" vote 'no'

on wants of other "I's", and then all Hell erupts. We are
a multiplicity of ever-changing "I's", that bombard our brain
and bum-rush our attention span. We're in the bar,
drunk and asleep, as Ego in our name, enacts its phoney reign.

Our interface with outer life is the identity
by which we're known. Those things we say and do, portray the way
that others think of us. Inside our heads those things we think and see
and feel, comprise an interface to regions that are gateway

to higher planes of Being. The textures and terrains where we call home
zone turf, must be shaped and groomed to be agreeable to Grace.
Our past mistakes leave wreckage strewn on fields of fertile loam.
By earnest and canny resolve, one can clean up almost every trace,

though years will pass, before its evident. New growth of Heart,
enables thinking way beyond the scales that we now know.
A change of vetting tools, by which we pick the world apart,
yields understandings from Above where we meet Life's ebb and flow.