No Polarity

What one finds as precious, says less about
the thing, than it does of its owner's eye.
We've got it wrong. Pronouncements that we spout
are based on bias, acquired through the stir-fry

of living's learning curve. Our 'context' frame
hangs askew and needs an overhaul.
We value things, for which we're feeling shame,
but still we check the box as, 'non-screwball'!

Our lies go deeper than our hooks hang bait.
Diametric differences in the ways
we vet and let impressions through the gate,
are requisite. A total paraphrase

of self- appointed personal doctrines,
must need occur, before the lock will turn.
Most people, as they are, are like machines
on auto-pilot through the whirl-churn.

Though lectures be disdained, when one is strapped,
an open ear might learn a thing or two.
Your Ego is the smarmy slug who crapped,
and turned your rosebowl dreams, into a loo.

Once understood, this jackal in the brain
must go bye-bye. Deploying every tool
to jettison the fool and its campaign
of chicanery, is the cosmic rule

to regain room for soul's Essence to grow.
We're born a seed, that's permanently pure,
but needs a gardner with a ceaseless hoe
to chop the weeds, for blooming to endure.