New Way 4U

The 4th way says that, "men must learn to think,
in a new way". 'Work' ideas provide
a scaffold over things that foul our synch
to integrate with facts, and not collide

with concepts, we read quite wrong in our dark.
Persona, we acquire from interplay
with worldly ways. This morphs into a patriarch,
who kills all messengers, and seeks to slay

all challenges to break its power base.
Essence, we are born with, and needs a hand
to disinter its pure and pristine grace,
that we may resurrect, true Self command.

The process says we must re-vet the rules
by which we steer. We are mechanical,
asleep and auto pilot through the stools
our dim eyes take for gold. Then we stickle

and spout that everyone has missed the boat,
and only we are fit to know what's real.
Donald T. embodies toxic bloat
so overgrown, for him there's no repeal.

One's 'I' and 'me', are two poles of the Soul,
when joined as Self, become a true allseeing
singularity that seamlessly is whole
and marks a brighter stage of Conscious Being.