Needed Needlework

You are a solid someone, but must refrain from asking who,
until the time that all your learning's done. You're here to fill
the storehouse of your Soul, and time is skort. Doubt this is true?
When you depart this earth and show your knowledge locker's nil,

how do you think your lazy, skilless, stubborn ass will play,
amoungst legitimate and luminous allumni of Planet Hell?
You flunked, the rest remains 'who cares?'. Right or wrong, none can say,
but I don't want to be the one, who cannot add or spell.

All men are born the same. We came, we lived, we passed. We take
no thing with us, when we move on. The Conscious Kingdom though,
is permanent, and stays relevant to Life's mystic plan. All fake
amd shady folderol, stalls and falls away. What's left will flow

through finer mesh until just jewels of Truth and Goodness stay.
By whom, and how this trove is parsed, I do not know, but still
I'd rather that my shelf was full. Some hedge their bets, and pay
enhanced attention to the ancient rules, and they gain skill

in understanding obstacles. To reconfigure how
we rate priorities, can add tremendous depth and clarity
to what we see and do. As most don't take the reigns up now,
establishes the fact, they'd rather soak up charity

and lean, than start the work that must be done to draw in Light.
With ALL one's heart, soul, mind and strength, the seed within that waits,
must be ensoiled, nourished and zealously guarded in it's fight
to break through dirt, endure the sun and wind, and wax ornate.